Swot analysis of otobi

The target market can be divided according to social class. I would like to thank him for his attitude and the substance to be a true mentor as he guided me throughout the preparation of the report.

All types of people who living within the Dhaka City. Employees Employees are one of the biggest stakeholders in OTOIB because they are the people who represent the organization in front of the customers. There are people who will not mind paying a little extra for some added benefits, especially in the case of those people with higher level of income.

In OTOBI there are many stakeholders too who directly and indirectly effects and are affected by the decision of the organization. Categorization of furniture enterprises of Bangladesh Based on material used to produce furniture by the SMEs in Bangladesh can be categorized according to the below table.

They want to move more towards interior designing of houses and offices. Partex Furniture PARTEX Furniture manufactures a combination of timber, special particleboard and decorative plywood as a cost effective substitute of Swot analysis of otobi timber.

Price Price, as most people would agree, is the most sensitive aspect of the marketing strategy. Most of these materials are imported from Malaysia and bear high quality. In this section Asiatic Paints marks to industry where the pigment are used for protective coatings of the machinery.

Becoming a planetary company and trade name 8. Trade names with high degrees of consciousness and strong. A sample of the survey has been provided in the appendix. Segmentation is the key to reach them. These strong and heat resistant steel lockers stiff in vault, round the clock security guards, and sophisticated anti- burglary alarm systems provide maximum protection to the valuables of customers.

Hence, the values of the products outweigh their prices. Introduction Asiatic Paints Ltd. Kundu is the final decision maker fro the organization and OTOBI is complete run on the profit from the business and new investments are also made from the equity part of Mr.

Over the last few old ages. If any employee does not like the environment in OTOBI they can leave the organization through some procedures.

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Branding is very important in a developing country like Bangladesh. MRD department supports various departments in performing their job. Navana can be considered the biggest competitor of OTOBI because it also has prominent corporate clients and poses a threat during tendering.

So companies should emphasize on the management system in every aspect to become a successful one.

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In an average ship usually 0. Annual charges of these sizes are given below: As corporate degree the chief consumer here Asiatic pigment used to supply importance in serving this sector excessively. We know that, to enhance our theoretical knowledge we need an exposure to the real world to learn better and effective ways of Management procedures.

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We have some competitor in the market and they are brand companies like Otobi, pertex, talukdar, Hatil etc. Promotional scheme of Asiatic pigment is ever aimed looking at client and this demands and for this scheme company is basking the No 1 Position in the Indian pigment market.

They first give advertisement in the newspaper mainly, and then resumes are obtained and then the HR department identifies the potential people for the job.

But OTOBI is known as the leader in the business and it also contributes a massive portion of the market share in particle business.

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Owing to the high demand for furniture made of wrought iron; OTOBI has recently started producing such furniture.Swot analysis is an organized arranging technique used to assess the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats included in a venture or in a business wander A Swot analysis could be completed for an item, place, industry or individual.

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Current Scenario The SWOT ANALYSIS on Otobi’s Furniture: Overall differentiation Niche (focus) differentiation Strengths Weaknesses High quality products and services Strong national brand image Market leader in Bangladesh Fully mechanized system Awards Opportunities SWOT The price is high for most of the customers Not much stores in /5(3).

SWOT Analysis S trengths Brand image is very important to many consumers and over the years, OTOBI has developed a brand image in the furniture market, which has enabled it to have many prominent companies, such as Unilever, among its core customers.

SWOT analysis of Toyota (6 Key Strengths in 2018)

OTOBI has been acknowledged with several prestigious awards over the. View Md. Ariful Islam’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. OTOBI LIMITED. Gather market and customer information & SWOT dfaduke.com: Sr.

Territory Coordinator at Singer.

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Research Paper - Japan In: Business and Management Submitted By yutaro90 Words Pages 9 Otobi is alleged to have one of the most outstanding and modern methods for Experiential Retail as a local brand.

Hence below it is Swot analysis about japan market condition: Strength | Weakness | * Zen, Japanese people are always looking for.

Swot analysis of otobi
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