Bmj research paper of the year 2009

Rectal artesunate study wins BMJ research paper of year award

Kasian Bhanganada, Tu Chayavatana, Chumporn Pongnumkul, Anunt Tonmukayakul, Piyasakol Sakolsatayadorn, Krit Komaratal, and Henry Wilde, for the medical techniques described in their report "Surgical Management of an Epidemic of Penile Amputations in Siam" — techniques which they recommend, except in cases where the amputated penis had been partially eaten by a duck.

Emile is married with two children. Lianne ParkinSheila Williamsand Patricia Priest of the University of Otago, New Zealand, for demonstrating that, on icy footpaths in wintertime, people slip and fall less often if they wear socks on the outside of their shoes.

Who perpetrated this fraud? Ball, Physical Review Letters, vol. Inclusive of stamp duty it cost 7d, a price which remained until Ireland's police service An Garda Siochanafor writing and presenting more than fifty traffic tickets to the most frequent driving offender in the country — Prawo Jazdy — whose name in Polish means "Driving License".

Bmj uk research paper of the year

The award, announced March 10, recognizes original clinical research that contributes significantly to improving health and health care. Health Affairs Millwood 33 Finding the role of health care in population health.

Medical care is estimated to account for only percent of the modifiable contributors to healthy outcomes for a population [7]. Institute of Medicine IOM. The American Journal of Gastroenterology. Although social services do not correspond directly to the SDoH, this comparison gives one view of proportional expenditures in our country.

Prior to her current position, fromDr.

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A special "Christmas Edition" is published annually on the Friday before Christmas. However, process measures continue to be important for quality improvement and for some payment programs. The award, announced March 10, recognizes original clinical research that contributes significantly to improving health and health care.

Throughout her career she has overseen nutrition-related policy initiatives, including restricting trans fat use in NYC restaurants, launching the National Salt Reduction Initiative, establishing food procurement nutrition standards for NYC government agencies, and establishing sodium warning labels in chain restaurants and expanding calorie labeling regulations.

We do know that many developed countries proportionately spend more on social services than the United States [8]. A safety-net accountable care organization for the expanded Medicaid population. Screening tools have been developed, e.

After junior doctor posts in London and Oxford, she joined BMJ Clinical Evidence in as a clinical editor, commissioning and editing systematic reviews that summarised the state of knowledge about the treatment and prevention of clinical conditions.

First, that the longer a cow has been lying down, the more likely that cow will soon stand up; and Second, that once a cow stands up, you cannot easily predict how soon that cow will lie down again.

Three of nine children reported with regressive autism did not have autism diagnosed at all.High impact medical research journal. Champion of better research, clinical practice & healthcare policy since For GPs, hospital doctors, educators & policymakers.

The BMJ is a weekly peer-reviewed medical journal. It is one of the world's oldest general medical journals. It is one of the world's oldest general medical journals. Originally called the British Medical Journal, the title was officially shortened to BMJ inand then changed to The BMJ in The consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages has been linked to risks for obesity, diabetes, and heart disease ; therefore, a compelling case can be made for the need for reduced consumption of.

List of Ig Nobel Prize winners

This is a list of Ig Nobel Prize winners from to the present day. A parody of the Nobel Prizes, the Ig Nobel Prizes are awarded each year in mid-September, around the time the recipients of the genuine Nobel Prizes are announced, for ten achievements that "first make people laugh, and then make them think".

Commenting on the awards, Marc Abrahams, editor of Annals of Improbable. It is an exciting time for the MRC CTU at UCL with two trials, QUARTZ and STAMPEDE, shortlisted for the BMJ UK Research Paper of the Year award.

Food for thought: The science and politics of nutrition

This coveted award recognises original research that has the potential to contribute significantly to improving health and health care. The Journal of NeuroInterventional Surgery (JNIS) is a leading peer review journal for scientific research and literature pertaining to the field of neurointerventional surgery.

Bmj research paper of the year 2009
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