Argument for use of animals in the circus

A tiger family mother and cubs in one den, father next door in a travelling circus. Also you are not keeping them in free space its too crowded for them to move. Thus there should be no evidence that the animals life within the zoo is of low quality or that the animal is distressed or severely restricted behaviourally.

History of animals in circus In Ancient Romethe circus was a construction for the display of chariot and horse races, equestrian shows and exhibition of trained animals, among other presentations, such as gladiatorial fights.

Many animals used in circuses are bred in captivity and will spend their entire lives in close contact with humans in an unnatural, stressful environment.

The public will not tolerate this unconscionable cruelty any longer. An idyllic scene perhaps; it is the story of my raising in the clean, brisk air of Kenya.

Sex ratios The ratio of males to females in many species in the circuses is heavily weighted in favour of males see Figures 2325 and In the circus most of the audience will go out the back after a performance to see the animals close to, perhaps even touch them and interact with them.

This education almost exclusively concentrates on environmental issues, such as the destruction of the forests, loss of habitats worldwide, climatic changes, and species information. Instead, you can help these animals by planning a demonstration. I have only come across one zoo, and that a particularly interesting small private zoo Twycrosswhere, although environmental messages are frequently and imaginatively displayed, the central concern is with the individual.

The Association of Circus Proprietors are thanked for their cooperation and individual proprietors for their hospitality, interest and trust. They will immediately ask the name of an animal, and then they will want to feed him or her in order to have a direct interaction with the animal.

Should All Animals Be Banned from the Circus?

How would you feel if you were beaten every day to perform tricks that you should not be capable of doing? Vote in our poll and explain why!

There is another fund of knowledge that must be bought to bear on the questions raised. Circuses can and do breed various endangered species and a relatively high percentage of all their animals.

Citing statistics gathered by anti-circus animal rights groups, Ringling said in its opposition to the HR The arguments arise from: Here are just five of many abuses animals still endure in circuses around the U. Nothing succeeds like success in circus as in other businesses. Although the zoo has grown and is apparently in line with the mainline establishment thrust of zoological gardens, the fundamental philosophy is very different and permeates through the general atmosphere and to all working there.

The secret is out. Indeed often there are houses at their winter quarters, but in almost all cases the houses are not lived in but are used for storage.

In general in zoological circles such an approach is considered unscientific, and mainline zoos like to be considered primarily scientific establishments. The training of circus animals is a dark and disturbing world which is hidden from the public eye.

There is a childrens matinee, but adults attend the evening performance and it is treated rather like going to the opera or ballet. They spend thousands of countless hours traveling over long distances just to train animals that could step and crush you, so are the animals, transporting wild animals from town to town is very stressful for them.

Months later, his license was suspended for three weeks for attempting to ship a young elephant to Puerto Rico before the animal completed treatment for tuberculosis.

None of these incidents involved direct contact between patrons and performing elephants or aggressive acts on the part of the elephant.

The ACP have also helped financially with the preparation of the work for publication. This occurs when travelling and when they are not performing. We will consider each argument in turn, and examine the degree to which the aims can or are being fulfilled.

The other species were relatively rarely represented with often only one individual present. Protect your rights as a responsible pet owner! Elephants begin to sway from side to side and lions, Bears and tigers pace back and forth in their cages and sometimes engage in self-mutilation.

The lack of exercise while traveling and the long hours standing on hard surfaces are major contributors to foot infections and arthritis, Which are the leading causes of death among captive animals, Especially elephants.Animals have been and will continue to be used in entertainment, often to the detriment of the animals.

10 Reasons Not to Attend an Animal Circus

While laws are helpful in banning and regulating certain practices, it is the demand for entertainment that will always keep the business flourishing. Chapter 8. Arguments for zoos and circuses.

Portugal bans use of wild circus animals

The arguments usually given for zoos are: 1) The conservation and breeding of endangered species. 2) The carrying out of research as a result of having animals available. 3) Education of people, in zoology and particularly in environmental issues. The methods that trainers use in the circus are not ethical as they use whips, Tight collars, Muzzles, Electric prods, Bull hooks and other painful tools of trade to force animals to perform, Do tricks and physically punish the animals until they learn to get it right.

Circus image - Many respondents believed that the use of wild animals was casting a shadow over the entire circus industry and that a ban on their use would completely change its image and all types of circuses would benefit as a result.

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Top Ten Dumb Arguments Supporting the Animal Acts Circus. ToptenPizza The Top Ten. 1 They treat the animals with respect. here is a pro-cap argument, I'd.

Progress for elephants, and for the animal rights movement

Unit 1 Persuasive Writing: Animal rights Summary and context Children given scenario that animal rights campaigners are protesting about the use of animals in visiting circus.

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Argument for use of animals in the circus
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