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In his last year at school, he was head prefect, responsible for all discipline outside the classroom, and was a highly successful captain of games.

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ByWhitehead had been at Trinity College for thirty years, and he felt his creativity was being stifled. It was not until Mayhowever, that he was elected to an elite discussion society known as the Apostles.

Because of both its quality, and the unique opportunity to take the entrance examinations early, Alfred tested for Trinity College, Cambridge, ina year before he would otherwise have been allowed to enter.

It reverses the slow descent of accepted thought towards the inactive commonplace.

Alfred North Whitehead (1861—1947)

This is easily one of the most difficult and complex portions of that work. But this juggling with abstractions can never overcome the inherent confusion introduced by the ascription of misplaced concreteness to the scientific scheme.

Whitehead originally conceived of the logicism project as an improvement upon his algebraic project. Many of his essays about education date from this time and appear in his book, The Aims of Education and Other Essays a.

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It just does what it does do, following a fixed routine imposed by external relations which do not spring from the nature of its being. Also, feeling is a far more basic form of relatedness than can be represented by formal algebraic or geometrical schemata.

The critical aspects of SMW were ideas that Whitehead had already expressed in different forms in his previous publications, only now with more refined clarity and persuasiveness. Presentational immediacy, on the other hand, is what is usually referred to as "pure sense perception", unmediated by any causal or symbolic interpretationeven unconscious interpretation.

But it would be a mistake to suppose that his concern with education began with the more teaching-oriented as opposed to research-oriented positions he occupied after departing Cambridge. Whitehead made all this rigorous and then, crudely put, defined the points from which to further construct the geometry of space.

Clearly, next to facts, values—especially aesthetic values—are at play as well. Just as a calm and clear Alpine lake is made up of a rapid dance of a myriad of minuscule water molecules, the illusion of being surrounded by continuous space and time is the product of a long-sighted vision of a dense swarming of elementary processes.

Alfred North Whitehead Dissertation

During the same period, William Clifford in England, and Felix Klein and Wilhelm Killing in Germany were advancing the study of spaces of constant curvature.

This later edition is particularly useful because of the detailed glossary of terms at the end of the text.

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His unpublished manuscripts and correspondence were destroyed by his widow, as he had wanted.This dissertation proposes to meet the requirements of the post-secular event by developing a post-secular political ontology drawn from the work of Judith Butler and Alfred North Whitehead.

Read through and out of these two philosophers of becoming is a post-secular political ontology that is embedded within a metaphysics of creativity, a. presentation in Sri Aurobindo, and then uses elements of Alfred North Whitehead’s philosophy of science and elements of his later metaphysical scheme to first outline Whitehead’s revolutionary understanding of time, space and matter, and then, in terms of.

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Alfred North Whitehead (AKA A. N. Whitehead) ( - ) was a British mathematician, logician and philosopher. He is considered one of the founding figures of Analytic Philosophy, and he contributed significantly to 20th Century Logic, especially the new symbolic type of Logic he developed in the epochal "Principia Mathematica", along with co-author Bertrand Russell.

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Abstract. This dissertation is an exploration of the connections between the process philosophy and the educational thinking of Alfred North Whitehead.

Alfred north whitehead dissertation
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