Advantages and uses of biofuels essay

Even if it does not cause an acute shortage of food, it will definitely put pressure on the current growth of crops.

Advantages and Uses of Biofuels Essay

SulfatesSulfates are major contributors to acid rain. Reduce Dependance on Advantages and uses of biofuels essay Oil: Current technology being employed for the production of biofuels is not as efficient as it should be. When biodiesel is burned, it releases carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, but crops which are used to produce biodiesel take up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in their growth cycle.

Biofuels are produced from crops and these crops need fertilizers to grow better. So, the use of biofuels will be less of a drain on the wallet. While, this might be economically attractive for farmers but growing same crop every year may deprive the soil of nutrients that are put back into the soil through crop rotation.

More jobs will be created with a growing biofuel industry, which will keep our economy secure. These greenhouse gases trap sunlight and cause planet to warm. This has led some noted energy analysts to believe that biofuels are not worth the work to convert them to ethanol rather than electricity.

Waste cooking oil, normally disposed of or used in animal feed mixtures can be converted to high quality biodiesel using a process employed by companies such as Pacific Biodiesel Technologies. However, most of these crops are also used as food crops.

Even though waste material from plants can be used as raw material, the requirement for such food crops will still exist.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Biofuels

Speciated HydrocarbonsThese compounds contribute to the formation of localized smog and ozone. Concerns about biofuels are usually centered around the fact that they are an agricultural product [1] Demirbas, A.

However, the cost of research and future installation means that the price of biofuels will see a significant spike. As of now, the prices are comparable with gasoline and are still feasible. Fossil fuels are regarded with their stability. Shop What are Biofuels? Everybody Wins Ultimately this creates multiple beneficiaries of the production of biodiesel.

As prices of crude oil is touching sky high, we need some more alternative energy solutions to reduce our dependance on fossil fuels. Explanation of Emission Types Particulate Matter Black Smoke Emissions of particulate matter have been linked to respiratory diseases and are generally considered to be a human health hazard.

Although the production of biofuels creates carbon dioxide as a byproduct, it is frequently used to grow the plants that will be converted into the fuel. Difficult TargetsWhen biodiesel is produced, distributed and used locally in a community based model it presents a much more difficult target for a potential terrorist attack than large centralized facilities like oil refineries or pipelines used in the petroleum industry.

As of now, the interest and capital investment being put into biofuel production is fairly low but it can match demand. Third generation biofuels are produced using the lipid production from algae. Biodiesel has been proven to be much less toxic than diesel fuel, and is readily biodegradable.

To reduce the impact of greenhouse gasespeople around the world are using biofuels. The burning of coal and oil increases the temperature and causes global warming.

Lower Levels of Pollution: Although current reservoirs of gas will sustain for many years, they will end sometime in near future. Although the production of biofuels creates carbon dioxide as a byproduct, it is frequently used to grow the plants that will be converted into the fuel.

In fact, ethanol is already cheaper than diesel and gasoline. Biofuels sources, biofuel policy, biofuel economy and global biofuel projections. One example of this is noted by the prices of soybean oil.

Power plants that use fossil fuels can be constructed in almost every location. Disadvantages of Biofuels 1. In fact, the National Fire Protection Association classifies biodiesel as a non-flammable liquid. It is rare that fuel is subjected to these types of conditions, making biodiesel significantly safer to store, handle, and transport than petroleum diesel.

However, the cost of research and future installation means that the price of biofuels will see a significant spike. Constantly rising prices may make the use of biofuels as harsh on the economy as the rising gas prices are doing right now. Not every country has large reserves of crude oil.

Biofuels not only help a struggling economy by providing jobs but also helps in reducing greenhouse gases up to much extent by emitting less pollution.

Biofuels can be produced locally, which decreases the nation's dependence upon foreign energy.To conclusion, biofuels have advantages and disadvantages, for the advantages, biofuels is safe because it has high flesh point, enhance national energy security and help countries saving money from import oil.

Also, it can bring modern technology to rural area, and create job opportunity. Advantages: The actual aim of biofuels is to be carbon neutral. Potentially they can reduce greenhouse gas emissions when you compare them to conventional transport fuels, but this ability depends on the way you produce these biofuels.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Alternative Fuels Environmental Sciences Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: This paper aims to examine the advantages and disadvantages of alternative fuels.

are fuels that have not derived from petroleum and can include alcohols, biofuels, hydrogen, natural gas and propane (Saddleback Educational.

Petroleum has other uses, aside from being burned in power plants to convert it to electricity. Many people use petroleum primarily to power vehicles, machineries, and home heating systems.

The 8 Advantages of Fossil Fuel. uses and Definition: Relating to Dr Toby Zimmerman Jones, the Description of energy can be: Energy is certainly the capability of a physical program to carry out function. The purpose of this essay is to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of biofuels.

In this essay, the definition and production of biofuels will be addressed, followed by the discussion of benefits and detriments derived from the replacement of fossil fuels by biofuels in the economic, agricultural and environmental area.

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Advantages and uses of biofuels essay
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